As an independent business owner, my career allowed flexibility. When my children began school, I became involved. I volunteered in classrooms. I participated in fundraising. I collaborated with administrative staff, Coaches, Teachers and PFSO organizations to meet extra funding needs for Technology, Sports, Building Improvements and Equipment.


I believe that a positive school experience for each of our children translates into success! A Worthy Cause.


COVID-19 has changed our society, community, and our schools dramatically. During this time it has been vital to make an effective transition into Distance Learning and to assure equitable access for all of our students. The difficult task ahead is how to reopen our schools safely, with protocols in place to ensure our staff, students and community will remain safe and control the spread of this virus. Circumstances dictate that, now more than ever, a parents voice matters, cooperation matters... experience matters.

For the past four years it has been my honor and privilege to represent Ventura on the Board of Education. I am running for a second term to help our schools navigate these uncharted waters. We need experienced representatives that are capable and will provide creative solutions to our ever-changing environment. I have no doubt there are challenges ahead, my experience will ensure that our students thrive and do not lose ground. I will continue to provide accountability, transparency, and cooperation as we move forward.

In 2020 Experience has Value, Experience has Impact and Experience Matters! I have the Experience to meet these challenges and I ask for your support once more.


I am passionate about our schools and I believe innovation and cooperation are the keys to creating an even better school environment. I am a fighter and will work tirelessly for the people depending on me.

Financial Responsibility

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of a balanced budget and a strong financial outlook. We need to focus more funding on the core of our operation, our teachers, and cut bureaucracy to ensure our students come first!  We must be accountable to the taxpayer.

Parents and the District

Parents have the right to choose what school their child attends, whether it is their neighborhood district school, home school, private or charter school.  I want to make every public school in our District a contender for any private or charter school. This is achievable if we pair our Districts many strengths with new innovations that will enhance learning and prepare our children for the world today! Parental involvement should also be more encouraged and accepted easily.

Special Education

The process of identifying and accommodating our children who are “at risk” is inadequate and doesn’t allow quick or effective interventions soon enough. Effective and early intervention tools should be available in each of our classrooms and directed by our teachers and parents. These intervention tools and techniques can be at work for these children immediately while they simultaneously undergo the process of identification.  This will prevent the child from being several years behind in school, which is the current standard. For me, this is unacceptable! I will be an advocate for families, especially those with special needs, illness and learning disabilities. 

Innovation in our District

COVID-19 and Distance Learning has pushed this issue to the forefront. I fought to ensure each student in our District has a district provided device and WiFi. All of our students currently have Chrome Books or iPads provided by their school site and if any student needs WiFi we have WiFi hotspot devices available for the asking. As your Current Board Trustee, ensuring equity and access has always been a top priority. I am so proud that our School District is ahead of the curve and has ensured all students have access to online learning platforms, regardless of circumstance.

Career Readiness

While all of our schools have focused on A-G Requirements and College Readiness, we have taken our eye off of career pathways. Career Technology is present, but needs to be more robust and available on every High School Campus. In 2020, I will focus on Career Readiness so that our students graduate with not only academics but also skills. I will work to expand the pairings with our Community Colleges to allow greater, FREE and priority access for all of our high school students. We have the opportunity to pair with Medical Technician Pathways, Construction Technology Pathways, Film Industry Pathways, Hospitality pathways and many more. Our students will leave VUSD with a quality education able to move on to college, but also with internship opportunities, career experience and certificates needed to seek employment that pays more than minimum wage. Our young adults will be ready!



Confronted COVID-19 and Distance Learning with a plan to move towards a hybrid model that our Unions have agreed upon (This will go into action as soon as Ventura Public Health approves it)

Established strong leadership and choose a qualified Superintendent to lead VUSD

Weathered the Thomas Fire


Created discussion regarding changing the way Law Enforcement engages with our students on campus, specifically that

  • Student Resource Officers (SROs) are hand-selected for the job

  • SROs are not there for disciplinary issues with the students

  • It is important to create space for positive interactions with our SROs by hosting conversations on drugs, internet safety, and possibly creating a cadet program paired with our Criminal Justice pathway

Established truancy reform which came out of the LCAP Committee that I have been on for more than three years

Hired a new Director of Special Education with the focus on getting special needs students help early on (as early as Kindergarten) rather than later so they don't fall behind


Offered many parings between the Ventura Community College and our schools and allowed our students to access these classes for free and with priority

Initiated a Chamber of Commerce Connection breakfast which allowed many community pairings with our students for CTE pathways

Established a grant department and connected it to our Career Technical Employment pathways

Through my work on the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance committee, we have gained access to priority and early notice for SCE power shut-offs due to wind events

Established a Public Information Officer (PIO) for communication to families, the public, and the district


Developed and distinguished different Departments of Curriculum and instruction. Rather than one K-12 director, we now have TK-5th & 6-12th grade directors

Established Ethnic Studies as a graduation requirement


Established a grant department and connected it to our Career Technical Employment pathways

Updated our Master Facility Plan so that we can prioritize students' needs into our future projects


Elected by the board and accepted as a delegate to the California School Boards Association (CSBA) since my second year

Appointed as 1 out of 32 Regional Directors of CSBA (I am the CSBA Director of Region 11 which represents 41 school districts on the State and Federal stage)

Appointed as a Board Member of VCREA since my second year on the board

Served on the following committees:

  • City Liaison Committee

  • Educational Options Committee

  • SRO Sub-committee


  • Chamber of Commerce Connection Breakfast

  • LCAP Committee

  • CSBA

Mentor, educate and employ teen foster youth


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I want to help!

Jackie Moran for VUSD Board Trustee, Area 3 2020 FPPC ID Pending